The Astronaut

Some time around 2011 I got to rest my eyes on a sculpted version of something I designed right after college in 2004. It was an Astronaut suit, but one that I wanted to be different than the bulky systems we have in place today. I started reading up on the subject, and found that there were form-fitting versions being researched at MIT. I wanted to create something sci-fi, but make it a collage of modern-day items and parts, with a slight futurization. So I referenced things like Scuba suits, gear, exo skeletons, gas masks/helmets and the Predator's cool arm computer. The Astronaut is a perfect example of trying to have fun with concept R&D. I never thought it would go anywhere, so imagine my surprise when I saw this... 

This beauty was brought into existence by my good friend Toi Ogunyoku, who happens to be one of the most brilliant sculptors in hollywood today. I'll let his bio speak for itself...

"Toi Ogunyoku Jr. is a Los Angeles based Sculptor/Model Maker. He started his professional career in 2004 after landing a job working for Schell Sculpture Studio. This self taught artist went on to work for studios including Stan Winston Studios, New Deal Studios, Flix FX and Legacy FX. His film credits include "X-Men: Days of Future Past", "Iron Man 3",  "Pacific Rim", and "Real Steel". In addition to his work in special effects, Toi has spent notable time in the collectables industry.  He has worked for companies such as, "Sideshow Collectibles," "Cinamaquete," and "Toynami". While at these companies Toi contributed to projects such as  "Star Wars", "The Rocketeer" , " Hell Boy",  and "Futurama".  In his spare time, Toi is busy producing his own artwork including Model Kits and custom art pieces.

Luckily for you and I, this gorgeous statue is not one of a kind, but an actual resin model kit! Toi is selling this exquisitely detailed set on his website for just $219 + $10 shipping.

STORE LINK!store/cl3g