Hi! Thanks for checking out my site! Here's some (possibly boring) info about me!

I'm Kemp! I've been a professional Illustrator and Concept-Artist/Designer since 2004.

Sometime around 2002-03 I was studying Graphic Design at UGA in Athens, GA and discovered you could make a career out of drawing things you make up. What's more, it was drawing things for all these delightful games and media I'd grown so fond of over the years. I thought, "yeap this is for me, hopefully..." and really started trying to draw things that I made up. Luckily I'd had training in art since youth, but this skill was pretty specific and the field of concept-art-industry fresh and new.
It took a while.

After graduating in 2004, my only choice (at the time) was to forge west to the land of the California.
Somehow with enough persistence and blind optimism I'd gotten a job working on the PS3 launch title ‘Lair’ with Factor 5 as a Junior Artist. After this brief introduction to the warm and inviting industry of digital entertainment, I joined Massive Black Inc for the real inferno. Since then, I've had the pleasure and privilege of working with some of the absolute best artists on the planet, on lots of different stuff, for lots of different people.

In 2015 I had the distinct pleasure and privilege of illustrating the entire "Star Wars: The Force Awakens Incredible Cross-Sections" book from DK Publishing and authored by Jason Fry. By far one of the coolest projects I've ever worked on!  

In 2016 I contributed additional cross-section illustrations for Star Wars: Complete Locations , updating the book to include scenes from Star Wars: Episode VII, The Force Awakens . I also provided cross-section illustrations for Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide authored by Pablo Hidalgo. Both from DK Publishing.   

In 2017 I illustrated "Star Wars: The Last Jedi Incredible Cross-Sections" , also authored by Jason Fry. 

Besides that I'm probably best known for my concept work for Hasbro properties including G.I.Joe and Transformers, the tanks in Red Faction: Guerrilla, the dropship in Killzone 2, some of the tanks in EVE: DUST 514, the 300i in Star Citizen, and for editing and directing Massive Black: Vol 1 & 2. I enjoy art, design, humans, vehicles, characters, war, peace, space and lots of other subjects that I attempt to use as delicious ingredients in a hearty conceptual and artistic medley. 

Along with and because of this, I've been fortunate to have the sweet and fulfilling experience of being a teacher at the Next-Gen Atelier, The Safe-House Atelier, and workshops around the world. Being a part of the Safe-House group of fine-artists in San Francisco from 2006 until it closed in 2013 was, and is, a particular treasure for me. In 2016 I was part of a group show for the newly re-opened Safe House Atelier in Los Angeles. I should also mention the additional pleasure & privilege of being a part of the MADE workshop with SIXMOREVODKA in 2010, Trojan Horse was a Unicorn in 2013, and most importantly the workshops through my company Massive Black Inc that have allowed me to meet all these talented and wonderful people, students and professionals alike. (If you're reading this and have been to one of these events, thanks for coming out and hope to see ya again soon!!)

DK Publishing
Popular Mechanics
CBS (Star Trek: Beyond)
Riot Games
Starz (Director Steven S. DeKnight)
Playboy Magazine
Scientific American
Northrop Grumman
Reset Content / Under Armor (Director Andre' Stringer)
Hammerhead VFX
Fox Sports
Cartoon Network
Electronic Arts
Guerilla Games
2k Games
Factor 5
Vicious Cycle
Secret Level
Breakaway Games
Perpetual Entertainment
Koch Media

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Incredible Cross-Sections
Star Citizen
EVE: Dust 514
Transformers 1&2 (film/hasbro)
GiJoe (Hasbro film/toy)
Battleship (Hasbro film)
Lord of the Rings: Online
Red Faction: Guerilla
Red Faction: Armageddon
Killzone 2
Tabula Rasa
Hellgate: London
Dead Head Fred
Sealab 2021 (the show!)
Project X (DARPA)
Concept Design for Under Armour TV Advertisment directed by Andre' Stringer


Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide (Illustrator) DK Publishing, 2016

Star Wars: Complete Locations (Illustrator) DK Publishing, 2016

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Incredible Cross-Sections (Illustrator)
DK Publishing, 2015

Poulpe fiction - Quand l'animal inspire l'innovation (French)
Dunod, 2014

"Miguel Nicolelis and his mind-controlled prosthetic limbs"
Image featured on CNN: The Next List (broadcast & online), March 2013

Massive Black: Volume 2
Ballistic Publishing, 2013

Nuthin' But Mech
Design Studio Press, 2012

Special Issue "Beyond the Limits of Science"
Scientific American, September 2012

"15 Innovations that will change the world", Steven Kotler, Christmas Gala Issue
Playboy Magazine, December 2010.

"Sci-fi Vehicles for Video Games"
ImagineFX magazine, June 2009

Massive Black: Volume 1
Ballistic Publishing, 2009

D'Artiste Concept Art
Ballistic Publishing, 2006


2013, Massive Black WorkshopLA, Los Angeles, CA

2013, Trojan Horse was a Unicorn, Troia, Portugal

2012, Massive Black WorkshopSF, San Francisco, CA

2011, Massive Black WorkshopSF, San Francisco, CA

2010, MADE Workshop with SIXMOREVODKA, Berlin, Germany


2016, Safehouse Grand Opening
SafeHouse Atelier, Los Angeles

2013, The Moleskin Project #3 (co curated by Rodrigo Luff & Ken Harman)
Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco

2013, Safehouse Show 6: The Rooster Show
Safehouse Studios, San Francisco

2012, Safehouse Show 5: Workshop Show
Safehouse Studios, San Francisco

2012, Safehouse Show 4: Patrick Mathews & Cody Miles
Safehouse Studios, San Francisco

2012, The Moleskin Project #2 (co curated by Rodrigo Luff & Ken Harman)
Spoke Art Gallery, San Francsico

2011, Safehouse Show 3: The Humble Show
Safehouse Studios, San Francisco

2011, Safehouse Show 2: Aaron Meynell & C3
Safehouse Studios, San Francisco

2011, Safehouse Show 1
Safehouse Studios, San Francisco